Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emily is a child of God!

** Emily accepts Jesus as her Lord and Savior!!!
My parent dog Kelsie passed away. Since we had just been up at their house during Christmas time, Emily was quite aware of Kelsie. When I explained to her that Kelsie had died because he had gotten old, Emily referred to it being like when Jesus died. We had spent a lot of time talking about Kelsie dying. A few days later when Rex and Emily were driving in the car, she again brought up Kelsie dying. She talked about how Jesus died for our sins and we need to ask Him into our hearts. Whenever Emily had talked about Jesus in the past we had talked about the need to ask Him into our hearts, but we never pushed the issue. However on this given night, in the car talking about Keslie dying, she told Rex very adamently that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart so that when she died like Kelsie she too would go to heaven. When asked about why Jesus died so sad "He died for my sins and he doesn't want me to do bad things" There the two of them sat and asked Jesus into her heart. Emily was so excited, she couldn't wait to tell me. She wanted to ask Jesus into everyone's heart (Jacob, our cat Scooby). That took some explaining. Through this whole experience, it was just so heart warming as a parent. I never knew how I would feel if my children wanted to ask Jesus into their heart at a young age, it they really could understand what they were asking, if it was genuine...if it really counted so to say. But in that moment, I knew. I knew it counted. I knew it was for real. Emily, with the true faith of a 3 year old child knew. She knew that Jesus died for her sins and that He wants nothing from us other than to believe that HE is who He says that He is and that He wants her to live her life in His knowledge and will. And that through His grace, she is now saved. HALLELUJAH! We are so blessed. Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting to Church on Time

One of Rex's pet peaves (he doesn't have very many) is getting to church late. He wants to be on time WITHOUT rushing. He would like to be in the car pulling away each Sunday at 8:30. With 3 kids to get buckled into carseats, this means starting the car process at 8:15 since Emily likes to buckle herself and I have to act surprised each time, Jacob now says "self" meaning he wants to climb in by himself, and Taylor has to get all strapped into the infant car seat ( I have a love-hate relationship with those things). In addition each Sunday it is Jacob's blanket, check, paci: Check, backpack with diaper and sippy cup with label: Check, Taylor's blankie: Check, paci: check, diaper bag with wipes, diapers, change of clothes, burp cloth, bottle with label: Check. Emily's hair brushed: check. Bible: check, (You get the point). This morning we did so good. We were in the car pulling out at 8:32 with EVERYTHING ready. When we got to church Rex was carrying Jacob and Taylor and I was holding Emily's hand and the 2 diaper bags. When Rex handed Jacob off to me to take him and Taylor to their classes we discovered something VERY embarrassing.... Jacob was still in just his socks!!! Being that the ground was wet from the night rain we had to carry him and embarrassing explain to his teachers that we left his shoes at home. I keep almost a spare everything in the car, I just never thought of the need to leave a spare pair of shoes...maybe I need to start. The poor middle child issues have already begun, YIKES!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

YEAH for 2009!
I can't believe how quickly 2008 went! As we were driving home from Northern California Rex and I were talking about 2008 (highs and lows) and looking forward to things in 2009. It was then that we realized that this is the first year in 5 years that we weren't expecting any major life transitions (no attempts in getting pregnant, no babies being born, no Master's program to graduate from, no baby being born, no licensing to study for, no new job transition, no relocation, no surprise pregnancy, no new house to move into, and no new baby being born). What a GREAT year we are anticipating. To only have to manage the life that we are current;y used to is looking so absolutely amazing to us. We are crossing our fingers that is going to be all that we are hoping it to be.
To ring in 2009 we went to a Rock Band themed pa
rty hosted my our neighbors the Palmer's. We were supposed to dress up like rock stars. Being that I am not of the rock star type I chose to dress up like Britney Spears and Rex agreed to dress like K-Fed (he is such a good sport). We haven't had a reason to get dressed up on New Years Eve since our friend Colleen's 30th b-day party 4 years ago. Last year we were so tired from working to get our house ready for us to move in and Jacob still not sleeping through the night that we gave each other our New Years kiss long before midnight and slept our way into 2008. We had a GREAT adult night away from the kids and again we felt so grateful for our neighbors and the great community that it has offered to us. Rex has played Rock Band with them all on numerous occasions however I am much too shy and insecure to subject myself to such scrutiny...however, I felt brave enough to give it a
 try. Singing, (no way), drums (too many things going on at the same time), guitar (we already have a guitarist in our family) so I had to try the bass. It was challenging to concentrate (I was trying to listen to every one's conversations as I was playing) however if I was able to focus I realized it was actually very fun. What a way to start the year!
Us as Britney and K-Fed

The Girls of Mount Way

Emily's a Star!

Emily's 1st day of Preschool

Emily & Her teacher Mrs. Slankard

Emily started preschool at the beginning of December. 
My baby is officially attending school! It took us a few months to decide where would be the best fit for Emily and for our family and we decided upon Lambs of Faith in Vista. It has been great for all of us. I think for Emily it has given her an outlet where she can keep herself busy and for myself it has given me a break that allows me to be more patient when we are together. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity that we finally have to allow this to happen. The first week that Emily was in school everytime w
e went somewhere while Emily was at school Jacob would stop at the car and say "Mimi, mimi" in fear th
at we had left her behind. When we are at home he often walks around the house calling her name, it is very sweet to see the relationship that they have and how they are growing so close at such a young age, I hope it lasts forever~
On December 14th Emily was in her first stage pe
rformance. Our family won a raffle for the front pew (YEAH). Which meant that we didn't have to get there early to save seats (DOUBLE YEAH) and that we were able to have a good seat to take pictures and video. The pew was ENORMOUS so we were able to share it with our good friends the Jarrett's (TRIPLE YEAH!). I was so nervous of how Emily was going to act while she was on stage. I figured that she was going to get so shy she would just smile and watch everyone else, but to our surprise she was waving a way and was super excited when she saw us in the audience. She sang along and based upon her per
formance I think " We Wish You a Merry Christmas" was her favorite song. After the show we went to Chili's for dinner with the Jarrett's in celebration of our babies on stage! Way to go Emily, we are so proud of you!

Walking in for the show

Our little angel

Emily and Malachi after the show

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Season is Here!

All done decorating the tree YEAH!!

As I am sitting at my in-laws house I am getting some much needed quiet time and I have quickly realized that updating my blog has been on my to-do list for a month now. How quickly time flies and life is just passing me by without a moments rest. I guess I will start with Chrismas and see if I can add the things prior!!!!
Christmas time this year has been just amazing, everything I hoped it would be with small children (minus all the chaos that comes with 3 little ones!). This was our first Christmas in our house and it has been everything I dreamed that it would be. Spending 7 Christmas seasons in a small apartment was very limiting, I just never knew how much. We kicked off the season by getting our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving. We got real size Christmas tree, no more Charlie Brown Christmas trees for us. It was so fun getting to put ALL of our ornaments as have instead of just a few. We got the tree after church and set it up with the lights while the kids napped so that when they woke up all we had to do was decorate. We put on some Christmas music, put the kids' Santa hats on and just sat back and watched as the kids danced endlessly in the Christmas lights. As we decorated the tree, Jacob of course was more excited to dance and less escited to put his ornaments on the tree (I think that is a typical boy). Emily however was SO excited. She wanted to know where each ornament came from (so me being a talker and loving talking about the past, I shared with Emily the story behind each ornament). Each morning following she would run downstairs while Jacob waited at the landing and would turn on the tree lights. Jacob would say "AAWW" with excitement and Emily would look at him so proudly to have gotten the response she was looking for.

As far as decorating the outside of the house, I was very eager as this would be our first year. Luckily our neighbors are very eager as well so we were all out there together decorating for the holidays. In this moment as I walked the cul-de-sac and watched my hubby on the roof with a neighbor I realized that we truly do live in the best neighborhood and that God has gi
ven us far more than we ever could have imagined in our house. It sounds so cheesy, however this holiday season with the indoor and outdoor decorations, trimming the tree and all that encompasses the Christmas time of year, I truly am so grateful for all of God's blessings however especially for the gift of our house, which truly is our HOME!

For our Christmas holiday we drove up to Northern California for 10 days. We spent one day with my best friend Allie and her 3 kids, one day with my Grandpa, 4 days with My Parents and sister and 3 days with Rex's parents and brother and sisters and neice and nephew. It was alot of traveling but well worth it. I was so excited to have a chance to get to go see all of the people who are so very important in my life and that I want to have a vital role in the lives of my children. I was unsure of how the kids would do in the car that long but they all surprised with great attitudes (we are very grateful for a car DVD for those times when everyone is just about at their end).  Jacob who is known as our more restless sleeper did GREAT everywhere we went. Of course being the early riser that he is kept up with his trend but atleast he slept through the night. One of my more memeorable moments was Jacob getting up with my dad each morning at 5:0o and my dad would share his breakfast with Jacob and let Jakie pal around with him while he got ready for work: Brushing teeth together, feeding the dog etc all to allow Rex and I an extra hour of sleep...THANK YOU DADDY! At my Grandpa's house the kids were spoiled with so much attention, toys and fun activities including a truck bed full of snow! Jacob quickly learned the reward of asking each adult for milk in order to receive more milk in one day than most kids have in a week! Taylor was her typical content self allowing everyone to enjoying holding her so peacefully. With my girlfriend Allie I was just so content enjoying sitting on the couch visiting while all 6 kids played so well together...I live for those moments! When we arrived to my parents house we drove there in the dark and when we arrived their beautiful newly built home was all lit up and you could see it from the main road. It was just beautiful! With wreaths lit up all along the porch and a Christmas tree in each of the big windows facing the front it just looked amazing! Of course it was late at night and all 3 kids were awake but we needed to get the complete tour. I felt such a sense of pride as I walked through the house and saw all of the detail and design that my dad created for his very own 5300 sq ft house.  Yeah for him. IT was such a blessing to see his gifts and talents and to get to see him live out his dream. To top it all off, Rex and I had our very own room (our first in 7 years of marriage at my parents') and nobody had to be kicked out of their room or office for us or the kids YEAH!!!! Emily LOVED baking cookies with Grandma and decorating them with Auntie Laura. Emily even offered Grandma an icing covered cookie that she didn't want herself (trust me just looking at this cookie gave you a tummy ache). To end the trip we were at Rex's family's house for Christmas weekend. I couldn't believe the kids' excitement to be going to yet another house. While there Emily and Jacob got ot play with their cousins Eli and Bryn. It was so special watching them play with each other and wow, it made our jobs a lot easier! Our weekend was complete with Christmas carols, a Happy Birthday Jesus cake (although Emily was quite confused as to why we were singing to Jesus if he wasn't there), tons of games each night and just some great time with our family. It was a long trip, our kids were so resiliant and we drove home feeling so extremely rich with the amount of love, support and many, many blessings we have received this Christmas Season.

Taylor sneaking in a nap!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Playgroup is the best!

The kids and I have been so extremely blessed by our weekly playgroup. My friend Dana so graciously extended an invitation to us a year ago last Halloween and my life has never been the same! We usually take turns hosting all of the kids or we do an activity to get out of the house. This month when I hosted the kids we did a sticker activity where they each created a manger scene and the kids participated in a book exchange. It was a great way to kick off the Christmas season. A few weeks later the kids decorated Christmas cookies at Dana's house (she is VERY brave!). I have enjoyed sharing this holiday with my closest friends and their kiddos!
Emily decorating her cookies...yummy!

The book exchange

Elijah (6 months old) and Taylor (4 months old)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year for Thanksgiving we made an important decision that we were not going to be traveling up north for this holiday. This is the first time in our 7 years of marriage that we decided it was better for our family to stay here. Each year we drive up on Wednesday with half of southern California and then back again Sunday with those same half! To turn around and do that drive 3 weeks later for Christmas is always rough and this year with three kiddos we decided to stay here. It was Rex's parents year for Thanksgiving so we invited them down and to our excitement they CAME! Jim, Sandi, Heidi and Troy... it was so GREAT! It was my first year ever having to provide an entire Thanksgiving meal and I was TERRIFIED! People look forward to the Thanksgiving meal all year long and I was scared I was going to dissapoint. Luckily everything turned out great (I wouldn't know about the stuffing, or sweet potatoes since I don't eat those two things :)). For the weekend Emily, Jacob and Taylor got to enjoy spending time with their Grandparents, and Auntie and Uncle (Taylor got to meet Troy and Heidi for the first time). It was just so great getting to stay home for the weekend that I think we have agreed, this is going to be our new Thanksgiving tradition!